Crib Point Pool

Crib Point Pool is Currently Closed

Since our unexpected closure during November we have encountered plant room concerns which require further investigations to be conducted. Last week a specialist leak detection company came and used sonic testing to detect the location and extent of the leaks. Until we receive this report and understand the full extent of the damage, it is difficult at this stage to quantify the next steps.

Welcome to Crib Point Pool

Crib Point Pool is Mornington Peninsula's premier outdoor aquatic facility.

Our facilities offer you a 25-metre swimming pool and shaded toddlers pool as well as huge grass areas with picnic tables, clean and comfortable change rooms and kiosk for the whole family to come and enjoy. 

There is something for everyone at Crib Point Pool, making it the perfect place for the whole family to come and spend the day. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Crib Point Pool and providing you with the best experience possible. 

We ask you please follow all hygiene regulations when visiting our facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to provide proof of my double Covid-19 vaccination status?
Yes, in line with the latest Vic Government advice, anyone 12 years & 2 months+ visiting Victoria’s indoor recreational facilities and pools, including employees, must be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption*  You will need to show proof of your vaccination status to the Pelican Park COVID-19 Marshall Employee before entering our facility.

Will I need to wear a Face mask?
Masks are no longer mandatory at our venue. However, we ask you to please carry a mask and wear it when you cannot physically distance.

Will I need to Covid check-in?
Yes, you must check-in using our QR code upon entry. Our COVID-19 Marshalls will assist you if you do not have a smartphone or a phone with a camera.
Will my child need to be vaccinated for swimming?
In line with the latest Vic Government advice, anyone 12 years & 2 months+ visiting Victoria’s indoor venues and pools, including employees, must be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption. If your child is under the age of 12years & 2 months and not fully vaccinated, they are fine to enter, however the parent or guardian attending with the student must be fully vaccinated as per the Government advice.  

*Changes to showing proof of your vaccination exemption From 6pm on 12 November 2021
There will be changes across the State to show your vaccination medical exception. Following the directive from the Government, you can no longer use a medical certificate as evidence of COVID-19 vaccination exemption.  If you can’t get any of the approved COVID-19 vaccines for medical reasons, your doctor needs to update your record on the Australian Immunisation Register to show that you have a medical exemption.

Once your exemption has been processed, you can download or print your COVID-19 digital certificate.

Opening Hours

Currently Closed due to maintenance.

Casual Swimming

If you are looking at using Crib Point Pool over the course of Summer, casual day passes are available.

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